We all know great marketing and product management are key to driving growth in a tech business. But how do you build that capability without a super-sized budget?

Quite simply - Proxi.

Unlike traditional contractors, consultants or agencies, Proxi’s experienced marketing and product leaders work inside your business as part of your team, for as long as it takes. On a part-time basis, we help you build the right capability, align strategy, employ the right resources and set you on the path to long-term sustainable growth. 


Proxi is not a team of consultants and we’re not an agency either. We’re a collective of experienced global marketers and product leaders who have come together to help build your capability from the inside out. We measure our success in leaving you in a better place - shifting from hands-on to hands-off as fast as we can. 

Proxi gave us access to the level of expertise and hands-on experience Aeroqual needed but wasn’t ready to invest in at that time. Their ability to link business strategy to product and marketing strategy to tactical plans improved our operations and processes.

Carl Beck, Chief Marketing and

Business Development Officer at Aeroqual


Just some of the companies that have built their marketing capability with Proxi

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