We've mentioned we like to do things differently. We offer a range of services designed specifically to build marketing capability for tech companies - from those with no marketing capability to date, right through to empowering talented teams to take their marketing to the next level.  We call it the Proxi Way. 


With Proxi, your marketing function will be in the hands of an experienced strategic marketing manager who has done it before. Our virtual marketing services cover:

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Product Marketing / Management

Marketing Advisory Services 

Mentoring and Coaching





We love to get hands-on. Working as an integral part of your leadership and marketing teams over a six-to-nine month period from 1.5 to 2.5 days per week. Your virtual CMO will develop the marketing strategy, manage delivery and establish the systems and processes needed. In short, we ensure all the marketing foundations are in place for success. 

Our aim is to recruit our replacement when the time is right, bringing in a full-time marketer or empowering your existing team to self-manage. Having ‘exited; your Proxi marketing lead will continue to help drive and shape your marketing vision as a mentor and/or advisor. All tailored to deliver to your strategic outcomes.

Our challenge was to transform our marketing operations into something new and exciting that would deliver exceptional outcomes. Proxi’s approach is all about empowering individuals to be the best they can - arming them with purpose, equipping them with capability and instilling confidence in their ability.

James Pan, CEO at Arkturus

Proxi’s tailored service engaged with SPM Assets at the right levels; establishing key relationship links and developing a programme to reflect our specific needs. Proxi built awareness and knowledge of the marketing function, built internal stakeholder engagement, and then created internal capability and business integration.

David Long, General Manager NZ at SPM Assets


The Proxi team experience spans all stages of a technology business' life and all marketing disciplines, from strategy to copy-writing. Each virtual CMO has broad  skills and experience across business and marketing strategy with specialist skills across product development / marketing, to content creation,  communications and digital marketing, all with a global and technology industry focus.

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Discover: 1-2 weeks

We'll work with you to identify gaps and formalise recommendations to build a custom programme and ensure we mutually agree the way forward.


Build: 6-9 months

Building marketing foundations including: strategy, marketing plan/budget, website, SEO, messaging, personas, brand, positioning + marketing meetings, team structure, reporting, systems and processes.


Transition: 4-6 weeks

We’ll help build the right team to move you forward.  Including scoping the roles, managing recruitment and upskilling existing team members to step up.


Advise: monthly/as required

A half-day a month engagement to ensure the marketing delivery continues to progress, to support the CEO and marketing team and be available to address any new opportunities or issues.


Mentor: monthly/weekly

We work with key individuals in your business to ensure the programme of work we’ve started, continues to be delivered and built on.  We coach in any missing skills and help the new role(s) to rapidly add value to the business.



Successful products deliver unique benefits and offer customers compelling value propositions. Our virtual Product Marketing Manager will engage with your teams to gain a solid understanding of your customers and their outcomes, help you validate product-market fit and then manage the go-to-market activities, including pricing and naming to achieve success. Often working in partnership with a virtual CMO.

As Aeroqual establishes new business functions, it is highly valuable for us to both leverage different Proxi experts to build the strength of our teams and their institutional memory to bring the Proxi team up to speed, ready to hit the ground running.

Carl Beck, Chief Marketing and

Business Development Officer at Aeroqual


We love Proxi's proactive and practical approach to marketing. (Proxi) always provides valuable, perceptive insights drawing from (their) extensive experience in the tech sector - I've lost count of the "a-ha" moments! (Proxi) has been instrumental in helping us shape our profile and develop our strategy.

Claire Foggo, CEO at


Good marketing aligns to an organisation’s purpose and strategy. If the strategy isn't clear then the marketing won’t work. To help get the story aligned and ensure you consider marketing and communications strategy in all you do, a Proxi leader joins your Advisory Board.  This includes sitting on a formal Advisory Board or acting in a separate advisory role to your executive team. This is generally a monthly engagement based on a half-day commitment.



The Proxi model is designed to maximise team performance.

We all need coaching from time to time to up our game. We coach existing marketing teams, mentor marketing managers new to the role (or new to tech companies), and help CEO’s with limited marketing experience understand how to engage with marketing. We help keep the marketing programme on track, align with the leadership team and grow everyone’s skills and knowledge to meet your specific business needs.

(Proxi) started contributing from day one by being (the) hands-on mentor for our Heads of Digital Marketing and Product Marketing. (Proxi’s) mentorship has been instrumental in establishing the profile and value these functions contribute to the success of SnapComms and embedding a strategic leadership mindset.

Chris Leonard, CEO at Snapcomms



If you don’t know where to start or what you need we recommend starting with our marketing audit or marketing strategy workshop.  This will rapidly identify the key focus areas and identify what you need to move forward in developing an engagement plan unique to your business.