Proxi specialises in building marketing capability in tech companies. We work at every stage of the growth cycle - from ground zero, to acting as the virtual Chief Marketing Officer to fully fledged teams taking it  to the next level. 

Our team of experienced outsourced marketing managers work inside your company, as one of your team, building every facet of marketing - from marketing strategy, to messaging, content, product, digital, communications and whatever else it is you need to scale. 


Growing technology companies is hard. Entering international markets is a craft. Lots of people tell you they can do it, but very few actually have. By definition, every marketing lead at Proxi has done it, knows how it works, has seen it before and can build the marketing capability you need to take on the world.

We’re not your traditional marketing consultants. We’re not a digital marketing agency either. We’re something entirely new, and we measure our success in leaving you - shifting from hands-on to hands-off as fast as we can.   


Working with Proxi enables your business to leverage the knowledge and experience of our team of senior marketing managers. To better understand your business and the marketing problem we need to solve, we run a three-hour workshop with your leadership team, led by your future Proxi CMO and one of our Directors. You receive a written report with key recommendations to laser focus our efforts and scope our responsibilities to deliver meaningful outcomes for your business. This proven approach - both challenging and insightful - enables us to build a custom programme and ensure we mutually agree the way forward.

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Proxi works within your company as required but generally for a couple of days per week. We establish systems and processes, develop your marketing strategy into a tactical plan within a realistic budget and put in place the foundations you need to successfully deliver against that. You will see tangible results every three-to-four weeks - delivering against the agreed plan. When required, we engage qualified suppliers to support your internal capability. No two programmes are the same but common elements include brand development and key messaging; website upgrades; implementing digital marketing; collateral development; event management; media relations; and lead generation.



As soon as the foundations are in place and marketing is functioning effectively, we help you find a suitable, permanent resource - often saving you additional recruitment fees in the process. Proxi then mentors your new marketing resource into the role, supporting them until they are confident of delivering the strategy we have set.  Over that time the days and hours we spend with you will diminish but your Proxi CMO can continue to provide quarterly or annual check-ins to help reset strategy and ensure everything remains on track.


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