Successful Marketing Recruitment that Performs

There is a better way to recruit marketing professionals. Not only do we take time to understand your needs, write the job ad, interview and find the perfect person for your business, we also coach them in their role until they are firing on all cylinders.


  • Help to figure out what you really need, and why 

  • The perfect job description - on brand and on point 

  • A set of KPIs for the role that are aligned with your needs 

  • An integrated search campaign to help you find the people that are both on the market and in the market 

  • Help to pick  the right person

  • Coaching for both the recruit and the hiring manager to make sure the hire is a success



With Proxi UPSIDE, an experienced virtual CMO - who has hired dozens of people over the years - runs your hiring and coaching programme, over the course of 16 weeks -  tailoring it to the exact needs of your business.

This unique approach is the most efficient and least risky way to get a great marketer in post, adding value to your business fast.

Proxi UPSIDE is available to any tech marketing firm, regardless of size, looking to recruit a marketer of any level.

We engaged Proxi to hire a CMO. They took the time to understand our specific needs and our business to build the job description. They managed the whole process from advertising, searching for talent, to shortlisting candidates, to onboarding our newly appointed CMO. We’re stoked!

Benjamin O’Brien, CEO at StretchSense

It was genuinely a pleasure to deal with the Proxi team when I was a part of the process. Now I can double vouch for them as I work on the recruitment front on the other side. Their ability to cut through the noise and look for the nuance is the key to unlocking more than just a functional fit.

Charles Pludthura, CMO at StretchSense



A Proxi virtual CMO with 20+ years' tech marketing experience works with you and your team to determine your need - skills, how the role will be structured and managed - and if an FTE emerging marketer is your best option.



We take the agreed job description and identify candidates that are a great fit for your organisation. These are
drawn from responses to ads, our recruitment partner's and personal networks.



Proxi runs the recruitment process for you. We review the
applications, create a shortlist, perform
preliminary interviews and testing – then coach
you and your team on how to interview a marketer.



Having selected your candidate, we work with
you both to create an actionable 90-day plan
for success. It includes meeting cadence, KPIs,
relationship building and a whole lot more to fast track engagement.



Delivery is via a 12-week coaching programme
for the marketer and their manager to get
the 90-day marketing plan moving. We coach
through new territory, navigating what’s unique to what you do.



Having made this connection with you and your marketer – we don’t have to say goodbye. Proxi can maintain a
quarterly touchpoint to review strategy and iron out any issues to ensure everything is on track.


If you’re lucky, you’ll have a 50/50 hit rate with new marketing hires. The odds aren’t great, but Proxi UPSIDE is proven to stack the odds in your favour. To learn more, get in touch and we’ll talk you through the steps we take to make sure you get all the UPSIDE possible.