Developing a marketing strategy is hard. Developing one that actually works is even harder.

Developing a go-to-market strategy requires a deep understanding of markets, competitors, customers, users’ needs, pricing, distribution channels, organisational capabilities and business outcomes. It’s subtle, nuanced and a lot to think about. 

A great strategy that you can’t afford or can’t deliver is no use to anyone. A great strategy that no one in your company knows about is equally useless. Your marketing strategy needs to be achievable, aligned with long-term plans and carefully considered to have the desired effect.

At Proxi, we understand all of these issues because we’ve been around the block. We’ve made most of, if not every mistake you can make, and we’ve amassed a wealth of experience that you can benefit from.


We’re not a strategy consultancy per se, but we get strategy. We’re not a digital marketing agency either. We’re a really cost-effective and practical way to get effective strategic thinking work done, without breaking the bank. 


Our 5-step approach to marketing strategy is simple, proven and effective:


  1. Understand the business: what it is, what it’s not and what it wants to be

  2. Chart a course between what it is and what it wants to be (point A and point B)

  3. Break the course down into manageable chunks (quarterly / annual milestones)

  4. Work with the business to break the chunks into projects

  5. Roll our sleeves up and get on with it


If you like our approach then get in touch and we’ll let you in on some more of our secrets.