• Proxi Team

The Sure Way to Building Tech Marketing Capability

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We're often told that Proxi is a UFO in the marketing landscape. Why is that? Because of our unique approach to building tech marketing capability. Most Kiwi tech CEOs love the concept once they understand what we're about. So here is your chance to level up with those in the know.

A growth marketing strategy that works for you

Developing your marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of markets, competitors, customers, users’ needs, pricing, distribution channels, organisational capabilities and business outcomes.

If you can’t afford, can’t deliver, or can't articulate your marketing strategy to the wider business, then it's no use to anyone. It needs to be achievable, aligned with long-term plans and carefully considered to have the desired effect.

That's where bringing a senior tech marketer, who is used to operating at management level and is not just a digital marketer, is instrumental in designing a successful marketing strategy that delivers the right business outcomes. At Proxi, we understand all of these issues because we’ve been around the block. We’ve made most, if not every mistake you can make, and we’ve amassed a wealth of experience that you benefit from - individually and as a team.

We’re not a strategy consultancy per-se, but we get strategy. We’re not a digital marketing agency either. We’re a really cost-effective and practical way to get effective strategic thinking work done, without breaking the bank.

You won't need another marketing consultant

We understand that marketing consultants fill an important gap when you don’t have any marketing resources or not the right level of experience and seniority. And that's what everyone searches for on Google... However, they can, if you’re not careful, cause you more problems than they solve in the long term.

By being hands-on and building your marketing capability with sustainability in mind, our approach is better aligned with the long-term growth and success of your business. We arm you with knowledge that we openly share, combining the best of a marketing consultant and the best of an in-house senior marketer in one package.

Our goal is to get the thinking work done AND build your own marketing capability. That's why we:

  • work inside your business as a member of your leadership team, on a part-time basis

  • do the thinking that’s required (the consultant bit), but also we roll our sleeves up and do some, if not all, of the doing – just as you would expect your marketing lead to do

  • focus on transferring the relevant knowledge into your business so it stays long term - this enables Proxi to transition out of your business and into the next one

Marketing consultants might look like the low-risk option, they often aren’t – particularly in the technology marketing space, which is highly specialised. With Proxi, you won’t need marketing consultants, because you’ll have everything you need in-house – where it should be.

You'll get great marketing agency results

The problem with employing a marketing agency to help drive your growth and get great results is they suffer from the ‘garbage in-garbage out’ syndrome as you need great people on your staff to brief and manage them day-in day-out. It’s a time consuming and critical task that pays massive dividends.

With a senior tech marketer at the helm, your marketing agency gets briefings that convey a deep understanding of the business, the problems that need solving and the marketing strategy. They can focus on solving the problem, not working out what the problem is.

In the absence of effective briefs that capture what you’re trying to achieve and set achievable targets, your marketing agency will often just fill in the blanks, and what they come up with - more often than not - fails to hit the mark because no one defined the mark for them to start with. However, agencies are awesome once you’re 100% clear on what you’re aiming at.

That's how Proxi is different.

We’re neither marketing consultants, contractors nor an agency, and we bring the best of all worlds. Your virtual CMO works inside your business as part of your leadership team to understand your business and define the problem with you. Once we’ve understood the problem, we engage and manage the marketing agency for you, teach you and/or your marketer(s) how to do it, and make sure you get remarkable output from both. We call it The Proxi Way.

Just to show you that we really care about growing marketing capability for Kiwi tech companies and are serious about openly sharing our knowledge, we made our marketing plan template and our tech marketing budget template available for download.