• Proxi Team

What we’re learning from marketing SMARTer

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Since launching our Covid-19 response SMART marketing program we’ve helped a wide range of companies build marketing resilience – from absolute startups to some poised for global domination. As we continue to onboard companies into the SMART 12-week programme, we’ve gathered our most important learnings into this blog...

1. Tempting as it may be – don’t add to the Covid-19 noise

What can you say that will actually help your customer and be of value at this time? If you can’t think of anything – then you’re better off keeping quiet. Having a prospect’s email address you can send to has never been more valuable. Don’t risk losing it because you’re saying something irrelevant (or even annoying).

If you do have something of value to say keep your email subject lines relevant so it’s easy for them to be found again. Plus, keep the message as short as you can while still being friendly. It could be simply letting them know how they can now do business with you – just make sure it is a valuable piece of communication.

If you’re working with a global audience then think carefully about your messaging at this time. New Zealand seems to be coming out the other side of this – many other countries are still deep in lockdown. Do your research and test your messaging so you can be absolutely certain you’re not inadvertently creating a PR incident for yourself.

2. Think very carefully before you give a discount or give anything away for free

While those companies able to give products or subscriptions away for free (or at a significant discount) are to be commended - it is not for everyone. How you use 'free' anything is a really big topic in itself. But it is even more to the fore as a post lockdown tactic - particularly if your competition is seemingly giving everything away.

We can’t address it all here - so look out for our follow up ‘freemium’ blog. However, if you are making offers to customers at this time please be very, very clear in your marketing and the Terms and Conditions as to exactly what the offer is and what happens when it ends.

3. Focus like never before

At this point in time very few companies need mass advertising campaigns (or have the budget for them!). You don’t need to talk to the world. You need to reach the 10, 20, 30, few hundred people who are ready to buy your product or service right now. That means getting really focused on who you are talking to.

Spend some time and resource working-out who your best customers are. How can you keep them and where can you find more just like them? Then approach those targeted prospects with carefully focused content and campaigns to convert them to customers as fast as you can.

4. Finally – your website remains your window to the world

Look at your website – not as an insider or as a customer who already knows you – but as someone who has never heard about a business like yours before. Will they easily understand what you do? Is it clear why they should buy from you and not anyone else? Do they understand what they need to click on to find out more – or better yet, buy right now?

Websites aren’t ever 'done' – they need to be as compelling as they possibly can be for this moment in time. If you’ve got a value proposition for your customers right now – and you’re not sharing that via your website - then you’re missing out. If there are products missing or you’re selling into industries or markets that aren’t featured – now is the time to get them up on your website.

You don’t have to be a SaaS company for this to be a key area of focus. No matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling to, they will visit your website at some point in their buyer journey. You need to tell a compelling story of who you are and why your product or service is the best fit for them.

We never stop learning.

This is just the start of the voyage we’re on with the very different companies we’re working with in the Proxi SMART programme. We’re continuing to offer it as businesses put the lights back on and realise sales aren’t going to kick-start themselves. If you’re looking to get your marketing program growing - we’re always happy to talk.

If you would like more details about how Proxi SMART can help you, please contact us