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Why doing the smart thing now is doing the SMART thing - with Proxi

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Do the smart thing with SMART from Proxi and jump-start your marketing in just 12 weeks…

In our recent blog we said that the worst thing you can, during the current crisis, is nothing and that most of our clients and have continued with the one thing that will ensure they come through this in a strong position – their marketing.

To back up what we stated, the Proxi team has thought about how we might help the tech community in a short, sharp and highly practical way. We focused on delivering remotely and adding exponential value as fast as possible. Proxi SMART is the result.

Here’s how it works…

· online interviews

· create a plan

· identify 3 things to start on immediately

· execute, execute, execute…

So firstly, we complete a couple of online interviews (our usual face-to-face discovery workshop on steroids) to understand your business as quickly as we can. Two of our virtual CMOs work in tandem to identify what your current challenges are and how we can help you turn them around over the following 12 weeks.

From the information and insights gathered, we agree on a plan with you, targeting three things we can immediately start work on that will move the needle. This could be getting sales going if there are opportunities on the table or helping get your pipeline back as soon as the lights go back on.

Everyone’s situation is different and this is by no means a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. What you get with Proxi (that you don’t currently have) is a virtual Chief Marketing Officer with 15+ years’ global experience in the tech sector who knows what works and how to get things moving fast.

We conduct a workshop and develop your custom SMART plan. If you don’t want to move forward with our plan, we can part company at this point – and you get to keep the plan! However, once the plan is agreed on, we move immediately into delivering on the plan with your business.

Over the next 12 weeks, we work as one of your team for five(ish) hours a week. You give us an email address, access to systems and engagement in critical team meetings. We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in doing what we can to move things forward.

But what if you don’t actually do much/any marketing?

This is the time to start! As we said above, the worst possible thing you can do is nothing. The second worst thing is simply adding to the noise around Covid-19 and not getting any traction - or worse - annoying your customers to the point of disengagement.

A big part of the Proxi SMART programme is delivering with limited resources. That means drawing on your team to do some of the doing. We will direct and coach what needs to be done but rely on your team working on this as a project to get through the identified initiatives as fast as we can.

While they may not have a marketing title there is likely to be members of your team with comparable skills we can put to good use. You might be surprised at the talent you have or how much marketing you’ve actually been doing, without realising it.

As soon as one of the first three tasks have been completed - we shift to the next highest priority and move to deliver that. As things are shifting and changing so rapidly at present we constantly review what we’re doing as a team to keep everyone focused on results.

But I already have a marketer…

Generally, there is a tremendous sense of relief in times like this to have someone come in with experience to draw on. We bring confidence in what should be done and have the ability to support your marketer(s) through this.

Often what your marketer wants to put in place is the right thing to do. Having that validated by Proxi is valuable, particularly if we can help translate what is planned into business language the rest of the management team can understand and buy into.

This will also be charting unknown territory for most marketers; we can share our templates, tips, tricks and contacts to fast track results and keep a lid on budgets. Having said that - there is a lot of value your marketer will bring to the table in what they know about your business, customers and prospects. We will be working on this as a team, not us telling them what to do.

Going Forward…

If you enjoy what we do and how we work then we could look at extending this into a full Proxi engagement moving forward - but our focus is on the here and now, getting you through the next few months and not building our business out of this.

How do I get SMART?

If in reading this you are nodding your head and thinking we can help - please apply now.

If you are not sure what to do or where to start, get in touch with us, we're here to help.