The problem with employing agencies to help drive your growth is they suffer from the ‘garbage in-garbage out’ syndrome.

To get great results out of a marketing agency, you need great people on your staff to brief and manage them day-in day-out. It’s a time consuming and critical task that pays massive dividends. 

The person doing the briefing needs a deep understanding of the business, the problems that need solving and the marketing strategy. The marketing agency is there to solve the problem, not work out what the problem is. 

In the absence of effective briefs that capture what you’re trying to achieve and set achievable targets, agencies will often just fill in the blanks for themselves. They might guess or assume, and they can burn heaps of money in the process. And what they come up with - more often than not - fails to hit the mark because no one defined the mark for them to start with. 

Agencies might not have the time or motivation to understand your business well enough to define the problem. Only you can do that. And if you don’t have time or the knowledge to properly brief and oversee your marketing agency, then you need to employ a senior marketing manager before you even think about engaging an agency.

Agencies are awesome once you’re 100% clear on what you’re aiming at. And the fact that you’re here suggests you are possibly not.

Proxi is different. We’re neither marketing consultants nor an agency. A Proxi virtual CMO works inside your business as part of your leadership team to understand your business and define the problem with you. Once we’ve understood the problem, we engage and manage the marketing agency for you, teach you how to do it and make sure you get remarkable output from them.


And yes, you are paying for two rather than one, but that’s a lot better than paying the agency again and again and again - which is what happens if you feed them garbage or let them guess.