Everyone in business needs a helping hand from time to time and marketing consultants fill an important gap when you don’t have any marketing resources or not the right level of experience and seniority. However, they can, if you’re not careful, cause you more problems than they solve in the long term.


Proxi provides a different way of solving the consultant problem. By being hands-on and building your marketing capability with sustainability in mind, our approach is better aligned with the long-term growth and success of your business. 


On the plus side, marketing consultants provide:


  • short sharp focused input right where you need it

  • ability to control cost and buy very specific outcomes 

  • a relatively low-risk way of solving problems

  • bring an outsider’s perspective to your business


On the downside:


  • the IP they create remains in their head and is not transferred into your business

  • they are sometimes incentivised to stay engaged with you for as long as possible, which can lead to some unproductive practices

  • they’re expensive and often not all they are cracked up to be 

  • they don’t often roll up their sleeves to deliver on their advice

Marketing consultants might look like the low-risk option, they often aren’t – particularly in the technology marketing space, which is highly specialised.

Proxi takes a different approach to arm you with knowledge, combining the best of a marketing consultant and the best of an in-house senior marketer in one package.


As Proxi virtual Chief Marketing Officers (vCMO) we…


  • work inside your business as a member of your leadership team, typically for 2 to 2.5 days per week - depending on your needs

  • do the thinking that’s required (the consultant bit), but also we roll our sleeves up and do some, if not all, of the doing – just as you would expect your marketing lead to do

  • focus on transferring the relevant knowledge into your business so it stays long term - this enables Proxi to transition out of your business and into the next one


Proxi’s goal is to get the thinking work done AND build your own marketing capability.  You won’t need marketing consultants, because you’ll have everything you need in-house – where it should be.