Put Your Marketing Team's Genius to Work

Thanks to Working Genius, you can now improve  collaboration, tap into everyone's strengths, and get more done in less time. The Six Types of Working Genius is an interdependent model developed by organisational health pioneer Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group that talks more to productivity than personality. 

Jane Smallfield is Proxi's certified Working Genius facilitator. 


To use the Working Genius framework, everyone involved needs to run through an online assessment. Assessments are taken individually and then reviewed as a team with our certified Working Genius facilitator, Jane Smallfield.


At the end of the process, your team members will understand:

  • What their two individual geniuses are - these are the things that naturally come easily to them and bring them joy and fulfillment. 

  • Their competencies - the things they can do well but are not fulfilled by and will drain their energy over time.  

  • And their frustrations - what they probably don’t like doing and will ultimately burn them out (even if they learn to be capable at doing it). 


  • Your team will understand why they’ve been successful (or unsuccessful) in past endeavours

  • They'll avoid unfair and inaccurate judgements about each other’s motivations

  • Alleviate guilt about struggles individuals have had in work

  • As a leader, you'll understand how to better lead, what they should do more (and less) of

  • You'll understand how to run more effective meetings

  • You'll make better recruitment decisions and get results faster

  • You'll make quick and concrete adjustments to better tap into others' strengths and avoid others' weaknesses

  • And your team will be more productive  


Get in touch with our Working Genius facilitator to discuss how this could be applied to your team - from creating your own team map to identifying how to best deploy as individuals and teams and create a high-performing team.